Saturday, June 28, 2014

Favorite Buy & Sell Websites

Facebook has groups that I have done really well with selling on.
Search – search for items you have listed or something you are looking for
PM – Private Message
Other Folder – When you message “non friends”
If “non friends” e-mail you, it will probably go to your “other” folder

You can also sell & buy things on Craigslist Akron.
  • By creating an account, you can renew your postings & delete once you sell.

Finally Ebay.  For bigger things you can also do local pick-up.  This is the only that you have to pay a commission on what you sell.

Just be smart with meeting people.  I tried to do it in public places.

To find garage sales - I check out the Daily Record on line  or Craigslist Akron has a garage sale listing.  People also list them on the Facebook groups.

Paypal – a way to send & receive payment

1. Include a Good Image

You need to have a clear image of the item you are selling. Potential buyers should be able to tell what it looks like, and see what condition it’s in. Blurry images, or no image at all, won’t be as effective. Since you are dealing with people who might not be able to see the item before they pay for it, accurate and clear representation is vital. If it’s allowed, multiple pictures, from different angles, should be used.

2. Be Specific

Clearly describe the item. Be specific about the dimensions. If you’re selling jewelry, you should be able to describe different features, such as the karat weight of the gold, or the clarity of the gemstone. When selling other items, you should be able to describe it as new, unopened, light wear, like new, or with some other designation. Pay attention to the specifics so that potential buyers can figure out if it really does fit their needs. Look at the descriptions of successful postings to get some ideas.

3. Price it Right

Before you post an item, make sure that you do some research. Find out what similar items in a similar condition are going for.  I check Craigslist & eBay before listing. Pay attention to pricing. Consider pairing related items together, and offering a discount. In some cases, you will be more successful selling a set, rather than splitting it up. You can also specify that you are willing to break up a set, if you want to remain more flexible. Consider being open to negotiation if you are really concerned about getting the item off your hands.

4. Repost After a Few Days

On many sites, the older listings get pushed to the bottom. After a few days, your listing will no longer be easy to access. Instead of waiting 14 days, or 30, for the listing to end, go ahead and post again after a few days. On an auction site, you can keep the length of the auction between four and seven days. Reposting can help you generate fresh interest in the item. Additionally, before you repost, think about why your item didn’t sell. Tweak your posting to see if you can sell your stuff with different wording, or better images — or a better price.

5. Respond Quickly

When you’re selling on eBay, potential buyers might ask questions — and you will need to respond quickly if you want a good rating, and to get a few more bids. When selling on local Classifieds sites, or selling on Craigslist, a fast response is vital as well, especially if you are “competing” against other sellers. Often, the first one to respond is the one who gets to sell the item. If you are slow, the buyer may purchase a similar item from someone else.
6. Safety
Be smart when you are meeting people you don’t know.  I always meet in a public place if my husband isn’t home.

7. Donate
Donate what you don’t need to want.  Our church collects clothing for harvest ministry/clothing giveaway.  Non-profits MCC Connections in Kidron or Goodwill can give you a tax form.
8. Garage Sale
Have a garage to sell your unwanted items.  I feel you can give more from selling online if you have time to meet people.  I try to sell my bigger tickets on line before my garage sale.

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