Thursday, November 29, 2012

Monday, November 19, 2012

Cashback from your online shopping

2 sites to visit before shopping on line - Ebates & Shop at Home.  Now is a great time to sign up for 1 or both before the holiday deals start.  Cyber Monday has some amazing deals through these 2 sites.

Both sites offer cashback on your on-line shopping at a huge variety of stores.  They also have coupon codes to use for on-line shopping.

Ebates You can set up an account by clicking on one of the links on my blog. You can use choose $5 in cash or $10 gift card for free.  You'll earn this extra if you purchased $25 worth of merchandise (not earn $25 in rewards) in 90 days I think so it doesn't usually take long if you make a lot of purchases on-line.  Once you set up your account, you search for whatever store you are going to shop at & then click Shop Now.  You just buy like you normally would.  

I keep a separate folder in my e-mail for receipts for what I buy through Ebates so I make sure I get my credit.  There have been times I have had to follow up them but I think I've always gotten my rewards.

I always try to remember to shop through Ebates so I earn cash back. Once a quarter, you can set up to get a check or deposit. I've been using them for exactly 1 year & have gotten over $150 cashback.

Shop at Home - every similar to Ebates but Shop at Home will often have Wild Deals - that will allow you to get something free after cashback.  In the past few months I have gotten free toilet bowl cleaner, hand sanitizer, dry erase markers, a mug from Coldwater Creek, & nail polish from Avon.

A few other sites to check - Retail Me Not & Brad's Deals for on-line & printable coupons.

Sunday, November 11, 2012

Buy & Sell sites

I just learned of 2 new places to buy & sell things in Wayne County.

Facebook has 2 groups.

You can also sell & buy things on Craigslist Akron.  

Finally Ebay.  For bigger things you can also do local pick-up.  This is the only that you have to pay a commission on what you sell.

Saturday, November 10, 2012

Free Credit Report

Make sure you are monitoring your credit reports on at least a yearly basis.  Visit at least once a year to get a free credit report.  There are 3 reporting agencies.  I try to check 1 of the 3 every 3-6 months.  When I check I also check my husband's report with a different one than mine.