Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Facebook Privacy Setting

Do you see a lot of posts on your FB page for people you don't know?  Do you have a friend that shares a lot of posts?  Tired of seeing all of the quizzes people take?  Did you know you can block it from showing up on your page in the future?

If you click on the down arrow at the top of the post,  you can "Hide All" from that group/person/page etc.  If you unfollow the friend, you won't see their posts on your News Feed unless you search it out.  If you "Hide All from ...", then you won't see from that app anymore, but you will still see your friend's other posts.

Do you know why those things show up on your page?  It's because they have a public setting.  If you have a public setting on your posts, then anyone on FB can see it.  If someone "likes" or comments on your post, it could show up on THEIR friends New Feeds.   I suggest for your personal posts, you change your privacy setting to Friends.  Click on the lock icon in the top right corner to change your settings.