Saturday, November 11, 2017

3 Months Amazon Prime $33

Check out this post if you want to give the gift of Amazon Prime for $33 for 3 months or if you want to use it yourself for Christmas shopping & streaming tv/movies

Monday, October 2, 2017

Baja West Coast Kitchen App

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Monday, September 11, 2017

Friday, September 1, 2017

Family Binder/Legacy Drawer

Whether you are single or married, with kids or without, young or old everyone should have some basic information written down in a safe, but accessible place.  If something would happen to you, would anyone know the information to help you in the hospital or take care of final decisions?  It's not something anyone wants to think about, but it's inevitable that everyone will pass away unless Christ returns first.  Why not make this hard time a little easier for your family/friends.

I have attached 2 suggestions below for ideas to get you started.

We have folders with our insurance, wills, POAs, important papers, etc locked up.  We also have all account numbers, log ins, written down for both of us.  I have a list of auto payment - when & what account they come out of.

I also just learned you can set a Legacy Contact in your Facebook account.  Then if you pass away & Facebook memorializes your account, the person you designation can still access your account.  Go to settings, account settings, general, manage account, & set your Legacy Contact.

I encourage everyone do this & tell someone they trust where the info is located.

Family Binder
Here's a link to some printable forms.

Dave Ramsey Legacy Drawer
We recommend that your Legacy Drawer contain 11 things. Although it may seem daunting to gather all of this material together, you will be happy you did once the Legacy Drawer is created.
  1. Cover Letter – This is simply a letter stating the purpose of the Legacy Drawer. Nothing fancy, just a way to introduce your loved ones to the contents of the drawer.
  2. Will and Estate Plans – All information pertaining to your will and estate, including names of the executor and Power of Attorney should be located in one file.
  3. Financial Account – Anything that has money in it and your name on it should be listed in the Legacy Drawer. This includes account names, amount and account numbers.
  4. Funeral Instructions – All details and specifications for funeral plans should be listed so the family can fulfill your wishes. If you are married, you need one for you and one for your spouse.
  5. Insurance Policies – All insurance information, including health, car, disability, term life, etc., should be combined into one single document for easy reference. List the type of insurance, who the policy is for, contact information and policy numbers.
  6. Important Documents – Any legal or other important documents you have should be noted in the file. This includes deeds, birth certificates, Social Security cards and titles.
  7. Legacy Letters – Since the intention behind the Legacy Drawer is to keep your legacy going after you've passed away, it's a great idea to include letters to your loved ones.
  8. Monthly Budget – Add a copy of your written budget, so your spouse or loved ones know how to operate your household once you're gone. This will help your family keep track of bills and focus on more important things.
  9. Tax Returns – Keeping tax returns in your Legacy Drawer is like an insurance policy for yourself in the event that you get audited from the IRS. Hopefully you never have to pull them out, but if you do, at least you are prepared.
  10. Safe Deposit Box – Keep copies of all your Legacy Drawer papers in a safe deposit box—you can never be too careful. Include information in your Legacy Drawer on where your safe deposit box is and who has access to it.
  11. Passwords – Write down all passwords, combinations, usernames and PIN numbers. This information allows your loved ones access to any documents, money or information that is left when you are gone.
If you put your mind to it, you can create your Legacy Drawer in 30 days! It's tedious to gather all of the documents and paperwork that goes into the drawer, but it's a necessary task in order to protect you and your family.

Wednesday, June 14, 2017

4th Grader Free National Parks Pass

If you are going to have a 4th Grader in August, check out this deal on a free National Park pass.

We did this when my son was a 4th grader & it was really easy & saved us some money.

Thursday, June 8, 2017

Ohio One-Tank Trips

These are some of our family favorite one-tank trips from northeast Ohio for young kids (2-12 probably).  If you are on Pinterest, click out my links on the bottom left side of my blog.  If you have a zoo and/or science center membership (*), you can do these trips very reasonably.  You don't have travel far and spend a lot of money to make memories with your families.

Here's a link to cheap/free activities in our area.

  • Zoo* - Very nice zoo
  • Science Center* - Imagination Station - one of our favorite science centers
  • Sauder Village - kids are free on Sun
Erie - It's about 1/2 way between where I live & Niagara Falls.  Twice we have stopped here & spent a night to 2 on the way home from the Falls.
  • Splash Lagoon - Friendly indoor water park for young kids, can ride double on some of the slides
  • Waldameer - Memorial Day-Labor Day - great amusement park for young kids (under 12 probably).  Usually doesn't have long lines.  It's free to get into the amusement park which is great if you don't want to ride the rides but the rest of the family does.  All day wristbands not that expensive.  Also has a fun big water park.  We can easily spend a day at each park.
  • Zoo*
  • Presque Isle - nice beaches
  • Science Center - Carnegie* - very nice for variety of ages
  • Children's Museum* - nice for young kids
  • Zoo*
  • Aviary* - within walking distance of Children's Museum (save on parking)
  • Inclines
  • Kennywood - I have heard good things about this amusement park south of Pittsburgh
  • Natural History Museum* - park once & go to art museum & botanical garden
  • Art Museum - free
  • Botanical Garden 
  • Great Lakes Science Center*
  • Zoo*
  • Aquarium
  • COSI*
  • Zoo*
  • Boonshoft Museum of Discovery* - on science center & zoo memberships
  • Air Force Museum - free
  • Young's Dairy
  • Zoo* - one of our favorites
  • Aquarium
  • EnterTRAINment Center - for kids that like trains
  • Creation Museum & Ark
  • Trammel Fossil Park - dig for your own fossils in nature for free
I'd love to know some of your favorite destinations.

Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Pure Flix Streaming

I'm doing a month free trial of Pure Flix right now.  I really like that it's full of family friendly movies and shows that we can all watch together.  I can watch it my Fire Stick, phone, tablet, computer, etc.

The price is increasing for new subscribers on May 1.  It's currently 7.99 a month.  If you are interested in trying it, now would be a good time to try.

I got this e-mail today -

Thank you for being a loyal member.

Beginning this week, you may notice our advertising indicating a price increase for newcomers as of May 1st.
However, because we highly value your loyalty to PureFlix.comyour price will not change as you continue to enjoy the best in our Faith & Family videos.
In fact, today would be a great time to tell family and friends that they too should start a free trial and lock-in the current low price before the May 1st price increase.

Monday, April 17, 2017

Free Shutterfly Book

Have a My Coke Rewards account?  Log in & get a free 8x8 Shutterfly book for 0 points.

Use code FREEPRINTAFF to get a free 16x20 print or 8x10s.  Exp 7/1

Use code 25OFF2017  to get 25% off.  Exp 7/1

Use code CARD4U - free card

Use SHIP39 to get free shipping on an order of $39 or more (after discounts)

Shop through Ebates & earn cash back.

If you are ready to do a photobook, but can't find any free ones, check out eBay for free book codes for around $1.  

I like Shutterfly because codes can be combined.  I just load any codes I found when I find them and then see how I can combine them when I'm ready to order.

Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Ways to Save Money on TV

We haven't had cable since we have been married, almost 15 years.  For the most part I haven't missed it, but new technology has made it easier.  We do have an outside antenna so we can get most local channels.

Other ways to watch/stream tv and movies - The big thing to think about is how much data it uses and how fast is your speed.  We have the slowest/cheapest internet Armstrong has.  Only 1 month have we come close to our data usage.  They have since doubled our data & increased our speed.  It really hasn't been an issue for us.  If you have kids that are also streaming then maybe it would be.

Any of the options below can also be streamed on your phone, tablet, or laptop.

Amazon Prime - $99/year.  You can stream movies & get 2 day free shipping.  You can also just steam movies & tv for 8.99 a month or get Prime for 10.99 a month if you don't want to commit for a year.  You can try for a free month.

Netflix - price varies by how many devices you want on at the same time.  Around $9/month. Stream tv & movies.  no commericals.  You can try for free.

Hulu - Around $8/month  Big downfall for me - commericals.  You can also do $12 a month with no commercials.  They don't have a dedicated kids section so you have to pass a lot of questionable shows to find what you want.  You can try for free.  After that they keep sending emails to get another month free so you can usually get a few months free.

Sling - Basically like having cable.  I tried it free for a week & got a lot of the Indians playoff games that weren't on local channels.  They have plans for $20, $25, $40 a month depending on the channels you want.

Pure Flix - I'm doing a month free trial of Pure Flix right now.  I really like that it's full of family friendly movies and shows that we can all watch together.  I can watch it my Fire Stick, phone, tablet, computer, etc.  The price is increasing for new subscribers on May 1.  It's currently 7.99 a month.  If you are interested in trying it, now would be a good time to try.

I got a Amazon Fire Stick for $25 on Thanksgiving a few years ago.  I really like it.  I can stream my Amazon Prime through the stick.  I can also watch cable "app" channels.

My favorites so far DIY Network, Food Network, A&E, History, ESPN (including highlights of Sports Center from the day before), & HGTV.  You can watch older episodes through the tv with the Fire Stick.

You can also watch on a phone, tablet, or computer without subscribing to channel for free.  Not all episodes are available but enough for me for free.  Some of the shows have 60 seconds commercials for other cable shows.

There are also apps for network tv, but I haven't tried them because I typically don't watch network tv.

There are other options out there including Ruku & Apple tv.  I'm just commenting on what I have found to work for us.

What are your favorite ways to save money on tv.