Monday, October 3, 2016

Thrift Shopping

This is a great week to check out Orrville Goodwill & the new Destination Thrift by Save a Lot - all of the leftovers from the Orrville garage sales. 

Friday, September 30, 2016

$6 Bang Bang Shrimp

Bonefish Grill
Sixteen years ago, the very first order of our famous Bang Bang Shrimp® was served at our flagship location in St. Petersburg, Florida. We're celebrating with $6 Bang Bang Shrimp through Sunday, October 9th. Mention 'Sweet Sixteen' to your server to receive the offer.

$5 Buck Lunch Dairy Queen All Day

$5 Buck Lunch NOW All Day

That's why now through October, America's best lunch deal, the DQ® $5 Buck Lunch, is available ALL DAY. That's an entrĂ©e, fries, drink, PLUS a world famous DQ®sundae - all day, for just five bucks. So buy a DQ®$5 Buck Lunch today and exercise your right to have lunch's best deal all day, all October long.

Saturday, September 17, 2016

Happy Hour Specials

Dairy Queen

Steak N Shake has 1/2 price milk shakes from 2-4

Berry Good Orrville Tues & Wed 3-5 take 30% off

Taco Bell

Heartland Point - Fridays 4-6
All pastries in the display case will be half-price on Fridays from 4:00 to 6:00.

Sonic Drive In

Happy Hour: 2:00 PM – 4:00 PM
Enjoy ½ offs on drinks, teas and slushes.
Grab snacks at Sonic during happy hour at just $0.99. Select from corn dogs, mozzarella sticks, onion rings or tots.
Late Night Happy Hour: After 8:00 PM
Enjoy ½ off on all shakes at Sonic Drive-In after 8:00 PM

Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Facebook Privacy Setting

Do you see a lot of posts on your FB page for people you don't know?  Do you have a friend that shares a lot of posts?  Tired of seeing all of the quizzes people take?  Did you know you can block it from showing up on your page in the future?

If you click on the down arrow at the top of the post,  you can "Hide All" from that group/person/page etc.  If you unfollow the friend, you won't see their posts on your News Feed unless you search it out.  If you "Hide All from ...", then you won't see from that app anymore, but you will still see your friend's other posts.

Do you know why those things show up on your page?  It's because they have a public setting.  If you have a public setting on your posts, then anyone on FB can see it.  If someone "likes" or comments on your post, it could show up on THEIR friends New Feeds.   I suggest for your personal posts, you change your privacy setting to Friends.  Click on the lock icon in the top right corner to change your settings.

Friday, April 15, 2016

Favorite Discount Shopping in NE Ohio

I'm working on compiling a list of key thrift shopping stores in our area.

Local discount shopping

Everything Surplus store & Clothing Warehouse Wooster near K-Mart. Discounted food, clothes & household items.  The stores are beside each other.

Downunder Liquidator - Near OARDC  Discount household items

Friendtique - 223 W Liberty St Wooster.  Profits go toward the Hospice of Wayne County. They have clothing and furniture, household goods, etc. Often have estate type things for sale. 

Massillon Discount store – 1070 NE 1st StMassillon, near Lake & 21.  Discounted food & household items.

Ollie’s – Cleveland Rd N Canton, across from K-mart. Mansfield has a bigger store.  Discounted food & household items

Tuesday Mornings - Canton & Fairlawn - discount household, super clearance

Gabriel Brothers - Canton & Fairlawn - discount clothes & household

Encore4125 Cleveland Ave NW Canton - resale

MCC Connections– located in Kidron, by Central Christian.  Very clean, like a Goodwill.  Typically nicer things.  I have found some fun Christian movies & books for the kids.  They have a color tag that is $ 0.25 each week.  It changes Friday morning.

Save & Serve - located in Millersburg.  like MCC

Goodwill – Orrville, WoosterMassillon, Canal Fulton, Jackson (near Jackson HS).   Get a free card to get 10% off $15 purchase, 20% in January.  Massillon, Jackson & Canal Fulton have 1 color tag that is $1.50 each week.  There a new outlet in Canton where Circuit City used to be.  You pay by the pound.  Bring gloves for digging through totes of stuff.

New Destinations - Wooster 5382 Cleveland Rd, Barberton. - Like Goodwill money goes toward Barberton Rescue Mission. I don't recommend the Barberton location. 

Nice as New - clothing consignment Cleveland Rd Wooster.  Near Greenleaf Restaurant.

New Orr Not - clothing consignment High St Orrville

Elephant's Truck - kids consignment Cleveland Rd Wooster.  Near Greenleaf Restaurant.

Once Upon A Child, Plato's Closet, Clothes Mentor - Consignment stores for kids, teens, & adult.  Often located beside each other.  Thursday Plaza Canton

5 Below - Fairlawn & Belden area.  Everything $5 & under

Dollar Store, Dollar Tree - Canton, Wooster - everything $1

Deals - Akron, Canton , Massillon - discount store like 5 Below

Village Discount - Akron, Cuyahoga Falls - like a Goodwill only cheaper.  The Akron store recently added dressing rooms so you can try on clothes now.

Salvation Army store - Fairlawn & Canton - like a Goodwill.  Wednesdays are family day & most everything is 50% off.

Yoder Bargain Barn - 7802 Salt Creek Rd, Fredericksburg - discount store

Building 9 - 132 Walnut, Massillon; 
546 Medina Road, Medina (Fairlawn)- construction, home improvement discount store

Habit for Humanity Restore - at the old drive-i
6096 E Lincoln Way Wooster  Building supplies

P Graham Dunn - clearance sales usually in May, Aug, & Nov.  Always have outlet section at the back of the store.

Lehman's Outlet - Kidron.  Outlet store behind the main store

Zinck's Fabric Outlet - Rt. 62 outside of Berlin. cheap fabric, notions, clothing and misc. items

For Food:

Aldi - can't beat at other grocery stores their prices on fruits & veggies

Dutch Country – Market St across from FurnitureAnnex.  Buy bags of “ends” of theirrolls.  You don’t know which flavorsthey’ll have but you can get 2 bags of probably 20 ends for $5.  You can also get their apple & peachcrisp & apple dumplings greatly reduced.

Shearer’s – Discounted pretzels & chips at their factory in Brewster

Dairy Dock – Smith Dairy dock near the main fire station.  You can get ½ gallons & other various novelty items significantly less.  They might be slightly damaged.  I think they are open Mon, Tues, Thurs, Fri now

Nickels Bakery Thrift Stores – 21 South of 30 & 807 Spruce Wooster. Nickels Thrift stores are a great place to get incredible deals on breads, buns, & dinner rolls.  You don’t always know what you will find, but often you can get a loaf of bread for $1.  In the Entertainment book there is a coupon for up to $5 off, so if you buy $10 worth of food, it will cost you $5.  They also have reward cards that you can get stamped & earn a free item.

Scratch & Dent stores – Kidron road between 250 & 241; Apple Creek – D&S 8828 Dover Rd, Grocery Discount Store , also on Rt 3 north of Hartzler's Dairy, Bent and Dent Rt. 62 about 2 miles south of The Amish Door complex outside of Wilmot.

Bulk Food – East Union (old 30), Shady View Pantry (Zuercher Rd Kidron), Country Hilltop Market 585 & Benner Rd– drastically reduced prices on deli meat & cheese, nuts, snacks, etc.

Fruit &  Veggie Stands - Octad on Carr Rd, just north of 30, Raber's on Kidron Rd south of 250.  good prices for fruits & veggies.  Raber's has pick your own flowers reasonable.

Let me know your favorites.

Thursday, March 3, 2016

One Tank Trips for Younger Families

These are some of our family favorite one-tank trips from northeast Ohio.  If you are on Pinterest, click out my links on the bottom left side of my blog.  If you have a zoo and/or science center membership (*), you can do these trips very reasonably.  You don't have travel far and spend a lot of money to make memories with your families.

Here's a link to cheap/free activities in our area.


  • Zoo* - don't go on Memorial Day weekend - speaking from experience.  Very nice zoo
  • Science Center* - Imagination Station - one of our favorite science centers
  • Sauder Village - kids are free on Sun
  • Splash Lagoon - Friendly indoor water park for young kids, can ride double on some of the slides
  • Waldameer - Memorial Day-Labor Day - great amusement park for young kids
  • Zoo*
  • Presque Isle - nice beaches
  • Science Center - Carnegie* - very nice for variety of ages
  • Children's Museum* - nice for young kids
  • Zoo*
  • Aviary* - within walking distance of Children's Museum (save on parking)
  • Incline
  • Natural History Museum* - park once & go to art museum & botanical garden
  • Art Museum - free
  • Botanical Garden 
  • Great Lakes Science Center*
  • Zoo*
  • COSI*
  • Zoo*
  • Boonshoft Museum of Discovery* - on science center & zoo memberships
  • Air Force Museum - free
  • Young's Dairy
  • Zoo* - one of your favorites
  • Aquarium
  • EnterTRAINment Center - for kids that like trains
  • Creation Museum
  • Trammel Fossil Park - dig for your own fossils in nature for free
I'd love to know some of your favorite destinations.

Thursday, January 28, 2016

Ways to Save Money on TV

We haven't had cable since we have been married, over 13 years.  For the most part I haven't missed it, but new technology has made it easier.  We do have an outside antenna so we can get most local channels.

Other ways to watch/stream tv and movies

Amazon Prime - $99/year.  You can stream movies & get 2 day free shipping

Netflix - price varies by how many devices you want on.  Around $9/month. Stream tv & movies.  no commericals

Hulu - Around $8/month  Big downfall for me - commericals.  They don't have a dedicated kids section so you have to pass a lot of questionable shows to find what you want.

I got a Amazon Fire Stick for $25 on Thanksgiving.  I really like it.  I can stream my Amazon Prime through the stick.  I can also watch cable "app" channels.

My favorites so far Food Network, A&E, History, ESPN (including highlights of Sports Center from the day before), & HGTV.  You can watch older episodes through the tv with the Fire Stick.

You can also watch on a phone, tablet, or computer without subscribing to channel for free.  Not all episodes are available but enough for me for free.  Some of the shows have 60 seconds commercials for other cable shows.

There are also apps for network tv, but I haven't tried them because I typically don't watch network tv.

There are other options out there including Ruku & Apple tv.  I'm just commenting on what I have found to work for us.

What are your favorite ways to save money on tv.