Monday, October 21, 2013

1 Month Trial of Jelly Telly Bible Videos & Games

Use code JELLYTELLY1 and get a $5 credit at Jelly Telly website.  You can watch probably more than 100 videos like Adventures in Odyssey and What's in the Bible (My kids loves these).  There's also some Bible games as well.  There's an iTunes app so you can also watch them on your tablet or phone.

If you don't cancel before 30 days, you'll be charged $5 a month.

Thursday, October 3, 2013

Getting Organized

Looking for a way to get organized?  I highly recommend these folders I got at Staples.  They are Pendaflex Divide It Up.  Just an idea that has worked for me.

I learned about using folders from my friend Janis in January.  I found these folders at Staples that have multiple tabs & they have really helped with the paper on my counters.  I know where everything is & it's organized.

My folders & tabs
School - OES & Preschool
Church - AWANA, WOW
Stores - Coupons, Gift Certificates, paper clip gift cards to the first tab
Restaurants - Gift Cards, Coupons, Gift Certificates
Receipts - Rebates, FSA
Coupons - Photo, Travel (attach my membership cards)
Follow-ups - Current things I'm working on

I also have used them in my fireproof safe with important documents.  I have our wills, living wills, etc labeled.