Sunday, June 16, 2013 Certificates

I haven't mentioned on here for quite a while.  I checked it out tonight & noticed 2 locals restaurants there.  I'll keep an eye out for good deals on these certificates.  You can often find codes to get them for a few dollars.

This is a good place to check for deals when you are traveling.

The Grande Ranch - on old 30 has certificates available.  There's a $10 one for $4 where you have to spend at least $15 & a $15 one for $6 where you have to spend at least $22.50.  Tuesday nights they run a great deal on pizza.  Don't know if you can combine the deals.

The Pines is also on there. a $15 one for $6 where you have to spend at least $22.50

If you have used them in the past, they will let you exchange old ones for new ones.

Monday, June 10, 2013

Way to use up all of your tube of cosmetics

I learned this cool trick at church to get the last of your cosmetics/lotions out of the tube.  Cut off the top of the tube.  Then you can reach into the product.  Slide the top back over the bottom to keep it from drying out.

Saturday, June 1, 2013

Make Your Own Foaming Soap Dispensers

I love my foaming soap dispensers.  I have 5 for hand soap, 1 for kids soap, 1 for kids shampoo, & 1 for dish soap.  I use old foaming soap dispensers, fill about 1 inch with soap, & slowly fill the rest with water.  I turn upside down & back slowly to mix it.  Don't shake it or it will get too foamy.  Saves money in the amount of soap you use.  I really like the dish soap one.  It makes cleaning just a dish or 2 very easy.