Thursday, January 28, 2016

Ways to Save Money on TV

We haven't had cable since we have been married, over 13 years.  For the most part I haven't missed it, but new technology has made it easier.  We do have an outside antenna so we can get most local channels.

Other ways to watch/stream tv and movies

Amazon Prime - $99/year.  You can stream movies & get 2 day free shipping

Netflix - price varies by how many devices you want on.  Around $9/month. Stream tv & movies.  no commericals

Hulu - Around $8/month  Big downfall for me - commericals.  They don't have a dedicated kids section so you have to pass a lot of questionable shows to find what you want.

I got a Amazon Fire Stick for $25 on Thanksgiving.  I really like it.  I can stream my Amazon Prime through the stick.  I can also watch cable "app" channels.

My favorites so far Food Network, A&E, History, ESPN (including highlights of Sports Center from the day before), & HGTV.  You can watch older episodes through the tv with the Fire Stick.

You can also watch on a phone, tablet, or computer without subscribing to channel for free.  Not all episodes are available but enough for me for free.  Some of the shows have 60 seconds commercials for other cable shows.

There are also apps for network tv, but I haven't tried them because I typically don't watch network tv.

There are other options out there including Ruku & Apple tv.  I'm just commenting on what I have found to work for us.

What are your favorite ways to save money on tv.