Thursday, October 3, 2013

Getting Organized

Looking for a way to get organized?  I highly recommend these folders I got at Staples.  They are Pendaflex Divide It Up.  Just an idea that has worked for me.

I learned about using folders from my friend Janis in January.  I found these folders at Staples that have multiple tabs & they have really helped with the paper on my counters.  I know where everything is & it's organized.

My folders & tabs
School - OES & Preschool
Church - AWANA, WOW
Stores - Coupons, Gift Certificates, paper clip gift cards to the first tab
Restaurants - Gift Cards, Coupons, Gift Certificates
Receipts - Rebates, FSA
Coupons - Photo, Travel (attach my membership cards)
Follow-ups - Current things I'm working on

I also have used them in my fireproof safe with important documents.  I have our wills, living wills, etc labeled.

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